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Golf Course Etiquette Tips to Follow

Golfing can be a fun and competitive activity for players of all age to enjoy. However, golf also comes with a list of unwritten rules that golfers should follow so that they don’t aggravate fellow players. For golfers who are new to the sport, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Respects other people’s time – Golf courses can get crowded and there will often be golfers waiting for the players ahead of them to finish a hole before they can start. That said, if a golfer loses their ball, they shouldn’t take too much time trying to locate it because that will hold up the line. Instead, they should move on and use a new ball, that way everyone else can keep playing.
  • Repair divots – If a golfer puts a divot into the ground with a swing, they should repair it by filling it with sand. This will protect other golfers from having their ball land in the hole.
  • Rake the sand traps – If a golfer hits their ball into a sand trap, they should rake their footsteps with the rake provided by the course. That way they don’t leave holes for other golfers to hit their balls into.
  • Be quiet while other golfers are swinging – When a golfer is getting ready to hit their ball, all the other golfers should be quiet so they don’t distract the player. Talking during somebody’s swing is a big no-no in the golfing community.

There are plenty of golf courses near PepperTree Apartment Homes where golfers can go to enjoy a day on the links. If you’ve been thinking of moving into one of our apartments by The Villages, give us a call or stop by our leasing office so we can take you on a tour of our community.