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Apartment Decor Gift Ideas

Whether you have a friend who recently moved or are looking for a holiday gift for a fellow homebody, there are options galore. Décor gifts for apartment dwellers, however, require some extra thought. Why? These spaces are usually short on storage and can be difficult to decorate. Instead of gifting a clunky object, explore this list of perfect apartment decorations:

Custom Prints

While most apartments are short on storage, they’re plentiful in wall space. And, since renters are restricted to living with white, sterile walls, gifting custom prints or removable wall stickers are a wonderful way to help them personalize their home.

Candles, Plants & Dishes

Creating a homey environment can be achieved with candles, plants, and unique dishware. These items make wonderful gifts, but before buying plants and candles, check for allergies and pets—some plant life and scents can be irritating.


Layered textures are another winning décor option for small apartments, helping the place feel cozy and chic. Gifting pillows, blankets, bedding, throws, and rugs are all great decorations that your renter will appreciate. Make sure to check your friend’s décor theme and their color preferences before buying anything!

Hanging Décor

Floating shelves and hanging vases are decorations that can be displayed easily in an apartment. For a unique gift, explore your local antique stores for prints and decorations.

Decorating your apartment is easier than you think when you have a foundation that meets your aesthetic preferences. For luxurious, contemporary apartments in the Wildwood, Florida, area, reach out to PepperTree Apartment Homes. Our complex was designed with the future resident in mind, featuring many amenities and spacious layouts.