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Flossing Tips for Residents of Our Apartments by The Villages, FL

With professionally chosen color schemes throughout every PepperTree Apartment Home, each room is a calming and tranquil place. This includes the bathroom, which makes it more enjoyable for our residents to perform nightly hygiene routines like brushing their teeth. Residents should also highly consider staying a few minutes longer in the bathroom each night to floss. It is estimated that flossing actually removes 40% of the plaque found on teeth, so brushing alone could be leaving a lot of this plaque behind. Here are some tips for our residents to ensure they are flossing properly:

  • Choose the right floss – Flosses come in different widths, so it is best for people to choose one depending on the size of the spaces between their teeth. Too narrow of a floss may miss some of the plaque, but a floss that is too wide may not be able to penetrate all the way down to the gum line.

  • Use the “C” method – This method entails wrapping the floss around the tooth in the shape of a “C,” then moving it up and down to polish the entire side of the tooth.

  • Get a floss holder – For those that find that the floss is difficult to hold, use a plastic floss holder, found at most drugs stores, to make the job easier.

By following these steps, residents of our apartments by The Villages, FL, can enjoy healthier gums. Those that have any concerns about flossing, or find it painful, should consult with a dentist.

For more information on the PepperTree Apartment Homes, stop by our leasing office or contact us today.