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Small Apartment Décor: Best Couches

The living room of any residence—big or small—is the heart of the home. However, in a small apartment, ensuring that this room offers the level of comfort that you’re looking for can have its fair share of challenges. We understand these challenges, which is why we’ve put together a short list of couch styles that work perfectly for small spaces—helping you get the most comfort from your tiny place. 

Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas are a great option for small apartments for many reasons. Not only will they allow you to have some of the best movie nights, but they are also great for apartment dwellers who have a lot of visitors throughout the year and no spare bedroom. Best of all, these couches are usually compact—making them the perfect size for your apartment. 

Couches Without Arms

Sounds crazy, right? Couches without arms offer a contemporary look and steer clear from that boxy sofa appearance that can make your apartment look crowded—especially if the living room is small. 

Legged Couches

Opting for a couch with elevated legs will give the illusion of more floor space, as you’ll be able to see the floor under your couch. These sofas are very on-trend right now and available in many styles, from traditional to contemporary.
Before you do any couch shopping, make sure that you have a good idea of what the layout of your apartment living room looks like. Haven’t found the perfect apartment yet? Check out PepperTree Apartment Homes! Situated in Wildwood, FL, our luxury apartments have everything that you need, from contemporary appliances to a wide variety of amenities. Contact us today to learn more!