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Closet Organization Hacks for Small Apartments

Tiny apartment living has its fair share of perks, but ample storage space is not one of them. While donating and tossing out unused items is a great starting point, the process of actually organizing your tiny closet can be a bit complex. Once you’ve taken inventory and have pared down, read on to learn some of the best closet organization hacks for small apartments.

Floating Shelves & Shelf Dividers

Most apartments feature closets with some sort of shelving. However, if you’re left to your own devices, installing floating shelves is your next move. These allow you the freedom to create open shelving opportunities to house all of your belongings (suitcases, holiday décor, shoes, sweaters, etc.). If your closet already has a shelving system, invest in shelf dividers. These will help you keep things organized, especially if you used the open shelves as clothing storage.
Note: It’s important that you ensure these shelving units and/or closet rods can support the weight of your clothes and belongings.


Hooks are the minimalist’s best friend. They take up little to no room and can be installed anywhere: behind closed doors, on a narrow wall, in the bedroom. From hat storage to heavy coats, these hooks help you take advantage of the bare, usable space in your closet and save you valuable hanging space.

Labeled Baskets

For accessories and random electronics, labeled baskets in your closet will help you keep things together and organized. Clear containers for holiday décor will provide easy visual access to what you have as well as keep you accountable for any messes.
At PepperTree Apartment Homes, our flats are designed with the renter in mind—ensuring you profit from what you need, including storage opportunity. To get a better viewing of our apartment homes, contact us for a tour. We’re located in Wildwood, FL.