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Organization Tips for Apartment Kitchens

Small, crummy storage, no counter space, old appliances: The list of faults goes on and on with most apartment kitchens. Out of all of these complaints, however, there are ways that you can maximize the storage space in your rental without going over your budget or completely rehauling your space. Here are some of the best kitchen organizational tips for your apartment that you can start implementing as soon as possible.

Shelf Risers

Maximizing every last square inch of useable space in your kitchen is step one. Start utilizing what you have with shelf risers! These simple little dividers help you expand the storage in your cabinets by allowing you to use the vertical space that often goes unused.

Invest in a Utility Cart

Utility carts are a lot more fashionable these days, but most importantly, they are versatile and perfect for mobile organization in the kitchen. From holding your cookbooks to extra appliances, these carts often feature three-shelved tiers that stretch vertically so that you can save space on your counter and in your cabinets.

Add Hooks & Rods

There is bound to be some empty wall space in your apartment’s kitchen, despite its size. You can make use of that space with rods and S hooks that can hang utensils, pots, pans, oven mitts, dish rags, etc. Investing in a wall-hanging or magnetic spice rack is another great space-saving hack.
The apartments at PepperTree Apartment Homes are designed to work for your organizational needs, featuring updated appliances and luxurious features that will make you feel like you’re at home. Contact us today to learn more about our complexes. We’re located near The Villages, FL.