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Removable Products Renters Need to Know About

Renter-friendly décor is the apartment owner’s best friend. Why? Renters, particularly apartment dwellers, are usually faced with restrictions when it comes to what can and cannot be upgraded within the home. Instead of allowing these restrictions to bar your decorating genius, put on your detective hat! There are many loopholes that renters can exploit to make their boring, leased apartment into a unique home; removable, renter-friendly products sitting at the cornerstone. In this article, we’ll highlight some of our favorite temporary products that you can utilize in your rented space.

Removable Wallpaper & Decals

Accent walls are in the home design wall of fame, and for good reason! These pops of color and patterns, in contemporary or traditional designs, have the power to not only become a focal point in your home but also give you the freedom to express your personality without bulky furnishings. In a rented apartment, these walls can be achieved with removable wallpaper and decals. Whether your goal is to cover the ugly, outdated walls in your rented space or simply bring the plain walls of your apartment to life, this temporary product is the answer!

Hardware, Light Fixtures & Curtains

Most apartments come standard with unoriginal shades, hardware, and dated light fixtures. However, all of these elements are easy to replace with your own furnishings! As long as you hold onto the original fixtures in your apartment, putting them in a safe place and reinstalling them when the time comes to move, you can exchange them for anything you’d like.

Luxury Apartments

Moving into an apartment with good bones, of course, is the best way to ensure that you are happy with the design of your rental. And at PepperTree Apartment Homes, that’s exactly what you can expect. Located in Wildwood, FL, our luxury apartments feature contemporary charm that you are sure to love. Contact us to learn more!