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Renter Checklist: Tips for Getting Your Deposit Back

As a renter, there is one lingering fear that will probably weigh on your thoughts at least once or twice during the duration of your lease. What is it? It’s the security in knowing that you’ll get your security deposit back in full when you decide to move. So, whether you are just moving in and have anxiety surrounding your security deposit or you are about to move, here are some tips for how you can get your deposit back!

Let Your Landlord Know That You’re Moving

Notifying your landlord that you are planning to move out doesn’t need to be a big announcement, but it does need to happen at least 30-days before your move. This forewarning ensures that they and you have enough time to make the repairs, cross the T’s, and dot the I’s before the next tenants arrive.

Understand Your Lease

Before you decide to move out make sure to review your lease. All leases have a clause on terminating—whether you are breaking your lease or timing it—so, you’ll need to know what the protocol is. You’ll also need to drop off the keys, clean, and revert any changes you made to ensure the apartment is in tip-top, original condition.

Make Small Repairs

Making repairs before you move out will help you secure that security deposit. Stick to small, easy, visually appealing repairs that you can handle like patching holes, painting, replacing light bulbs, etc.
At PepperTree Apartment Homes, our apartments are already in tip-top condition—helping you relax when it comes time to revert home upgrades and restore the apartment to new. Contact us today to learn more about our Wildwood, FL, apartments.