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5 Things to Not Overlook When Apartment Hunting

Whether it’s your first apartment or your tenth, the hunt for the perfect place typically involves a painstaking process of elimination as you narrow down your many options. You have to go into the quest for the perfect apartment with an open mind, envisioning how you’ll make the space your own. While daydreaming, however, there is also a hefty list of things that you’ll want to keep in mind while touring. To streamline this list, here are five things that you should never overlook when apartment hunting in Wildwood, FL.


This should be prioritized on your list of needs when apartment hunting. Along with amenities, rent should include a security system. This can be in the form of an electric gate, gate security, or apartment security. Rather than assuming it’s included, make sure you ask about the security measures of your apartment complex.


While you’re fixated on the look of the apartment, available parking can be easily overlooked—especially when “future residents” have reserved parking at the front of the office. Ask about whether parking is assigned or free-for-all as well as visitor parking.


Try to tour your apartment at a time when you know neighbors will be active. While noise is inevitable in an apartment complex, constant disturbances will quickly become an annoyance. Simply listen for neighborhood sounds and traffic noise while touring the apartment with the doors and windows closed. 


It’s the 21st century, meaning you need to ensure that your new place has enough outlets in convenient locations for your many, many devices.

Odors & Water Marks

If the smell is off or you see watermarks in the apartment that you are touring, odds are the apartment that you end up with will have matching characteristics. It’s a sign of potential water damage and could also mean poor maintenance—two things that you don’t want to deal with in a new place.
At the end of the day, trust your instincts about the apartments that you are viewing. If you are looking for a luxury apartment in the Wildwood, FL, area, check out PepperTree Apartment Homes. We are a spectacular community filled with fine features and resort-like amenities. Contact us today to learn more!