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Tips on Avoiding Mosquito Bites

While Florida is a beautiful and sunny place to live, we also have to deal with the fact that many mosquitoes also call Florida home, particularly in the summer months. Thankfully, there are some ways to avoid mosquito bites so that you don’t find yourself itching all summer long.
Some ways to prevent mosquito bites include:

  • Not going outdoors at dusk, because this is the time when mosquitoes are most active. Mosquitoes sleep during the day to avoid the scorching heat which can dehydrate them, and come out to feed as the sun starts setting.

  • Stay away from standing water. Mosquitoes are attracted to water, but cannot land on water with a current, so they look for stagnant pools of water. Do not spend time near this kind of water, and make sure there is none near your apartment such as in pots on the porch.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that cover your skin, such as long sleeved t-shirts and pants. You can find lightweight, breathable options of this type of clothing if you will be spending a long time outdoors. The more of your skin that is covered, the less opportunity mosquitoes have to bite you.

  • Wear a bug repellant with DEET or picaridin, both of which have been proven to successfully repel mosquitoes. Read the label directions to see how often you should reapply for maximum effectiveness.

Of course, another way to avoid mosquitoes all together is to relax indoors at your luxuriously appointed PepperTree apartment near The Villages, FL. If you would like more information on our apartment features, contact PepperTree Apartment Homes today.