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How to Prepare a Relaxing Bath

PepperTree Apartment Homes were designed to create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, with features such as professionally chosen color schemes in calming tones, nine-foot ceilings, oversized cabinets, and sit-down vanities in the bathrooms. Also in the bathrooms are bathtubs that are ideal for a relaxing bubble bath. Here are some tips to ensure that your bubble bath is as relaxing as possible:

  • Keep the bathroom tidy, because a clean environment is more calming.

  • Add about 10 drops of an essential oil to the bathwater. Different oils are beneficial for different moods. For example, lavender is supposed to promote sleep, and rose is supposed to relieve anxiety.

  • Add Epsom salt to the bath as the water fills and let it dissolve; Epsom salt is good for soothing sore muscles.

  • Keep a glass of water nearby, perhaps on a small table or TV tray near the tub so that you don’t have to strain or get out of the tub to reach your water glass. This way you can stay hydrated while soaking in the warm water. You can also put a snack, such as fruit, nearby.

  • Bring a device for playing music into the bathroom and listen to soothing songs, just make sure that all electrical devices are far away from the tub so that they cannot fall in.

Following these tips, you can easily enjoy a relaxing bath in your PepperTree apartment near The Villages, FL.

If you would like more information about the luxurious features of our apartments, or our community amenities, contact PepperTree Apartment Homes today.