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Board Games Residents Can Play in Their PepperTree Apartments by The Villages, FL

Since the units at PepperTree Apartment Homes are so luxurious and well-appointed with professionally chosen color schemes, nine-foot ceilings, and full-sized washer and dryer hookups, they make for a great place to relax and spend an enjoyable evening with family or friends. A fun thing to do when spending an evening at home is to play board games. Here are some popular board games that our residents can play:

  • Monopoly – This classic board game has players buying, selling, and trading property, as well as developing houses and hotels, in a race to become the monopoly owner of the entire board.

  • Scrabble – Perfect for those who have a way with words, this game has players creating words on a board similar to a crossword puzzle, with more points gained for words that are longer or that include less-used letters.

  • Trivial Pursuit – Players test their knowledge on subjects such as movies, science, sports, and history in order to fill their game token with a wedge-piece for each category.

  • Apples to Apples – This is a newer game that is fun for all ages and is great for large groups. One person turns over a green apple card, and the rest of the players then determine which of the red apple cards in their hands makes for the best, or wackiest, answer.

With these board games, our residents can have hours of fun in their apartments by The Villages, FL. If you are not a resident here and would like to learn more about the many features of our units or amenities at PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact us today or come by the leasing office.