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How to Clean Your Computer

Many people don’t think about cleaning their personal computer, but it is just as susceptible to gathering dust as any other item in the home. Plus, keyboards easily gather dirt and oils, since they are being constantly touched by peoples’ hands. Since the computer is an electronic, however, it is important to clean it correctly so as to not harm its delicate components.

Some tools that will help you to thoroughly clean your computer include:

  • A can of compressed air

  • A small, soft paint brush or unused toothbrush

  • An anti-static cloth, since paper towels and regular wash cloths can leave behind lint

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • A vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum

  • A face mask, if desired, to prevent inhaling dust

First and foremost, power down the computer and unplug it completely from any source of power. Move your computer to an open area over a hard floor, such as tile. Follow the instructions in the manual for opening up the computer’s case. Use the compressed air to blow any dust particles out of the computer, paying special attention to the fans. Use the brush to get out any remaining dust. Dab some rubbing alcohol on the cloth and wipe the frame and exterior of the computer. Also use the compressed air on the keyboard, to clean out dust in between and underneath the keys. Close the computer, and plug the computer back in. Use the vacuum to clean up any dust on the floor.

For residents of the PepperTree apartments near The Villages, FL, who do not own a computer, our business center provides access to computers connected to the Internet, a copier, a printer, and a fax machine.

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