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Ways to Jazz up a Cup of Coffee in Your PepperTree Apartment by The Villages, FL

Each PepperTree apartment home features a spacious kitchen as well as soothing professionally chosen color schemes, so they are excellent places to brew a cup of coffee to enjoy before starting the day. And with just some simple additions, a regular cup of coffee can become a real treat. Here are some ideas for ways to jazz up a cup of coffee:

  • Cocoa powder - All you need is one to two teaspoons of cocoa powder to transform your coffee into a mocha. There are dark and light variations of cocoa powder, so you have options based on your preference.

  • Cinnamon - Just a few dashes of cinnamon can give your coffee a spicy, autumnal taste. Another idea is to sprinkle the cinnamon on the coffee grounds before brewing, so that the flavor is brewed right in.

  • Hazelnuts - Instead of using artificial creamer to achieve a hazelnut flavor, simply chop up hazelnuts and add them to the grounds before brewing to create hazelnut coffee.

  • Alternative milks - Many people enjoy standard dairy milk in their coffee, but there are several different types of milks available today. Almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk can all add sweetness and depth of flavor to your coffee, and these types of milks are also usually available with flavorings such as chocolate or vanilla, which can add even more flavor.

By following these tips, you can be well on your way to enjoying delicious cups of coffee in your PepperTree apartment by The Villages, FL. If you are not yet a resident of PepperTree Apartment Homes but are interested in becoming one, contact us today to learn more.