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Learn Cooking Abbreviations in Your PepperTree Apartment Near The Villages, FL

The kitchen in your PepperTree apartment is perfectly designed for cooking delicious meals, thanks to features such as oversized maple and oak cabinets, glass top stoves, large refrigerator with ice maker, and spacious pantries. But sometimes when people open up a cookbook or search for new recipes online, they find that it is full of abbreviations they do not understand. While most cookbooks will have a glossary that can be referred to, some recipes may not provide you with this information. By referring to this handy list (printing it out and keeping it in the kitchen of your apartment home will probably be most convenient), you will always be able to clearly understand cooking directions.

Common cooking abbreviations:

  • C – cup

  • Doz – dozen

  • F – degrees Fahrenheit

  • Fl oz – fluid ounces

  • g – gram

  • Gal – gallon

  • Hr - hour

  • kg – kilogram

  • L – liter

  • Lb – pound

  • Min – minute

  • Pkg – package

  • pt – pint

  • Pkt – packet

  • Qt – quart

  • Sec – second

  • Tbsp or (uppercase) T – tablespoon

  • Tsp or (lowercase) t – teaspoon

Using this list, you can be well on your way to understanding cooking abbreviations when following recipes in your PepperTree apartment near The Villages, FL.

For more information on the features of our apartments, contact us today. You are also invited to stop by our leasing office, where we will be glad to give you guided tour of our community and show you its amenities including a fitness center with children’s play area, a zero-entry community pool, and an air conditioned full indoor basketball court.