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Daylight Saving Tips for Residents of our Apartments Near The Villages, FL

Daylight saving time has been practiced unofficially for centuries, when ancient civilizations would alter their daily routine to align with the changing times of sunrise and sunset. In 1918, daylight saving time became officially observed in the United States, and has continued to be recognized in most states ever since. However, many people still find it difficult to adjust to this twice-yearly time-change. Here are some tips that residents of PepperTree Apartment Homes can use to ease into the time changes.

  • Remember to “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” – Some people find it difficult to remember which time change occurs at which point in the year. This mnemonic device tells you that in the spring we move forward an hour, and in the fall we move back an hour.

  • Change your clocks before you go to bed – For both the beginning and ending of daylight saving time, the official time change happens at 2am (so, in the spring, we skip from 2am to 3am, in the fall we experience the 1am to 2 am hour twice). By setting your clock before you go to sleep, you can know when you wake up that the time on your clock is accurate.

  • Go to bed earlier or later – Start getting your body used to the time change by going to bed an hour earlier for about one week before the spring time change and an hour later about a week before the fall time change.

By following these tips, residents of our apartments near The Villages, FL, can easily adjust to the time changes that occur when daylight saving time begins and ends.

For more information on what it’s like to be a resident at PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact us today or stop by the leasing office for a tour.