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Tips for Drafting a Great Fantasy Football Team

The draft is the most important part of a fantasy football season. Although you can make trades and pick up free agents, the draft will almost always make up the core of your team. How you approach the draft and the decisions you make will set the tone for the entire season, so it is important to take this seriously. Here are a few tips to give owners the best chance of winning.

  • Stay away from QB’s early – In real football, the QB is the most important player on the field, however that is not the case in fantasy football. Although there are a few QBs that produce big numbers on a consistent basis, it is much easier to get a good QB later in the draft than a WR or RB. Fill up your roster with at least 2-3 WR’s and 2-3 RB’s before thinking about the QB position. Aiming for a solid QB around round 8 or later is usually a good idea and will increase your roster’s depth at other positions where good talent is harder to come by.
  • Stay away from injury prone players – There are some extremely talented players that seem to have bad luck year after year. If a player has a lengthy history of missing games each season, just stay away. It is safer to go with a player who is consistently healthy rather than one who may be better, but also more likely to be injured when the playoffs start.   
  • Don’t reach for players – If you have been doing your research and think you have found a sleeper player who might have a breakout season and is not on anybody else’s radar, wait until a later round to draft him. Don’t pick players in the first few rounds that are not widely known and will most likely still be available in the later rounds. Stick with players who are most likely to get drafted soon and then grab your sleeper pick a little later.

Following these tips can give your team a lot of depth and put you in a great position to win your fantasy football league. After the draft, you can manage your team from the comforts of your PepperTree apartment by The Villages and make changes depending on how the season is going. If you would like to take a tour of our community, stop by our leasing office today.

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