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Using Energy-Efficiency Light Bulbs in Our Apartments Near The Villages, FL

Many residents of PepperTree Apartment Homes try to conserve the amount of energy they use, not only because it’s better for the environment but also because it can lead to a reduction in energy bills. An excellent way to reduce energy consumption is to switch out incandescent light bulbs for more energy-efficient ones, such as LED or CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. While these options do cost more money up front than incandescent bulbs, the cost of running energy-efficient light bulbs is less in the long run.

According to the US Department of Energy, LED and CFL light bulbs:

  • Use up to 80 percent less energy to produce the same amount of light as incandescent light bulbs
  • Last up to 25 times longer; traditional light bulbs typically have a life span of 1,000 hours, while CFL and LED bulbs have an average life span of 10,000 hours and 25,000 hours respectively
  • Cost on average $1 - $1.20 per year to operate, while incandescent light bulbs cost an average of $4.80 per year

When looking at these statistics, it becomes clear that energy efficient light bulbs are actually less expensive over the life of the bulb. If our residents replaced all the incandescent bulbs in their apartments near The Villages, FL, with energy efficient light bulbs, then they could see even more energy savings.

If you are not yet a resident of PepperTree Apartment Homes but would like to be, contact us today or come by our leasing office for a guided tour.