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Florida Fishing Season Information for Residents of Our Apartments Near the Villages

One of the most popular activities for Florida residents and visitors is fishing. However, it is important to know the rules and regulations that come along with it before casting a line in the water. First, anyone who wants to fish in Florida must first obtain a Florida fishing license. Next, it is important to only fish for wildlife that is in season, because certain types of fish and other sea life harvested for consumption can only be caught during specific times of the year.

Here are the Florida fishing and harvest seasons for some of the most popularly harvested sea life, as specified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

  • Bay Scallops – Bay scallop season begins the Saturday preceding July 1st, unless July 1st is a Saturday in which case the season opens on that day. The close of scallop season also varies slightly each year, but it is typically in mid-to-late September, so those going scalloping should be sure to confirm the exact season closing date.

  • Amberjack – It is illegal to fish for Amberjack during the months of June and July. The rest of the year is open season.

  • Snook – Open seasons on snook are in the months of March and April, as well as September, October, and November. It is illegal to fish for snook during the rest of the year.

  • Spiny Lobster – There is a “mini season” for lobstering in the last full weekend of July. The official lobster season then begins August 6th and runs through March 31st.

If fishermen aren’t familiar with the fishing regulations and seasons, they could find that instead of bringing home dinner, they’re bringing home a hefty fine.

If you’d like to live in our apartments near The Villages, which are also close to plenty of fun Florida recreational activities, contact the leasing office today.