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Using GoFundMe at Our Apartments by The Villages, FL

GoFundMe is a popular new website that utilizes the concept of crowdfunding in order to raise money for a specific goal. Instead of a fundraiser that is held at a specific location and time, the funds are raised entirely online on the website GoFundMe.com, and the fundraising period can span days or weeks. People can start GoFundMe campaigns for virtually any cause, from helping to pay for medical treatment, to a dream vacation, to turning an idea for an invention into an actual product for sale.

A GoFundMe campaign page will include a picture, a description of the campaign, and the monetary goal the campaign is trying to reach. Preferably the description will explain exactly what the money will be used for. Sometimes incentives are provided, for example if you help to fund turning someone’s idea for a product into a reality, perhaps they will send you one of the first working models. Of course for more charitable causes, such as medical treatment, the incentive to donate would simply be helping someone who is in need.

According to GoFundMe.com, there is no way to guarantee 100 percent that a user’s GoFundMe donation page contains accurate or truthful information. For this is reason, it is imperative that you only donate to campaigns for people you know personally or that someone close to you can personally vouch for. 

If you have decided that a campaign is reputable and you wish to donate to it, then there is a large “Donate Now” button on the campaign’s page that you can click. The forms of payment that are accepted depend on the preferences of the person who set up the campaign, but commonly accepted payment types include credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. 

With an understanding of the basics of GoFundMe, residents of our apartments by The Villages, FL can help raise funds for good causes. If you are not yet a resident of PepperTree Apartment Homes but would like to be, contact us today or stop by the leasing office for a guided tour.