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Herbs and Spices to Use in Your Recipes at Your Apartment near The Villages, FL

Adding herbs and spices to your recipes can be a terrific way to give your food some extra flavor without adding unnecessary salt, fat, or sugar. Herbs and spices can also brighten up your food, giving otherwise bland-looking chicken or fish a pop of color.

The next time you’re in the kitchen of your apartment near The Villages, Florida, making a recipe, consider adding:

• Basil – Use it to enhance any Italian-inspired foods you’re making

• Thyme – A great addition for fish, beans, eggplant, potatoes, and summer squash

• Cumin – Add it to fish, beans, poultry, or chili

• Rosemary – Goes well with roasted potatoes, ripe melon, grilled meats, and mushrooms

• Cilantro – For any Latin American or Asian cuisine

• Sage – Use it in bean stews, soups, chicken, eggplant, and pork

• Oregano – Try it in any Italian or Greek cuisine

• Dried ginger – Use it in marinades and also with poultry

It’s worthwhile to note that you don’t want to overwhelm a dish with different herbs and spices. Stick to seasoning the food with one strong flavor and one milder flavor. Also, when doubling a recipe, you may not need to double the spices. In most cases, using 50 percent more is enough.

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