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Tips for Ironing Clothes

Ironing your clothes can make a big difference in your overall appearance. When your outfit is looking its best, then you will convey more confidence and authority. While it may seem like ironing is a rather simple task, there are some precautions to take to ensure that you don’t ruin your clothing. Here are some tips to follow when ironing clothes:

  • Fill the iron with water first, before it is hot.

  • Plug the iron in, and let it heat up while in an upright position. Make sure the iron is on the correct heat setting – for example, cotton clothes can be ironed at a much higher temperature than silk clothes. The iron should indicate which setting is appropriate for which materials.

  • Lay your garment out flat on your ironing board – do not use an alternate surface such as a bed or table, because you could damage your furniture this way. If you’re ironing a button-up shirt, undo the buttons and lay the collar flat.

  • Glide the iron across your clothing, making sure to not leave it on any one area for more than a few seconds.

  • If a garment is especially wrinkled, use the water feature to dispense steam over the clothing, then run the iron over it.

  • Allow the garment to cool on the ironing board for a bit before moving to a new section, so that new wrinkles do not form. When you are finished with the entire garment, promptly hang it up.

  • Unplug the iron and allow it to cool completely before putting it away.

Following these tips for ironing clothes in your PepperTree apartment by The Villages, FL, you can easily enjoy wrinkle-free outfits.

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