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The Different Water Temperatures to Use for All Types of Laundry

Each unit of the PepperTree Apartment Homes has a full size washer and dryer hook up, making it extremely convenient for our residents to do laundry right in the comfort of their own homes. Clothes and linens will last longer when washed properly, and most people already know that it is important to sort laundry by type and color before washing it. However, not everyone knows which water temperatures are ideal for the different types of laundry.

Some people mistakenly believe that hot water is best for all types of laundry because they think it will remove dirt and stains more effectively. This is not always the case, though, and in fact washing some types of laundry in hot water may do more harm than good. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, fare better in cool water. Also, fabric dyes are less likely to fade in cool water, so it is preferable to wash clothes that are dark or brightly colored in cold water.

When in doubt about how to wash an article of clothing or piece of linen, one can always refer to the care instructions on the tag. If the tag does not specifically state which temperature of water to wash the item in, it should include symbols, among which will include the temperature guide. This guide will look like a cup of water with dots – one dot means cold water, two dots means warm water, and three or more dots mean hot water.

Following these instructions, residents of the PepperTree apartments by The Villages, FL, may be able to preserve the life of their clothing and linens by washing them in the correct temperature.
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