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Alternate Ways Residents Can Use a Lint Roller in Their PepperTree Apartments Near The Villages, FL

Each PepperTree apartment home features a full-size washer and dryer hookup, so it’s extremely convenient for our residents to do their laundry. One aspect of laundry that must be dealt with, however, is the inevitable lint that can be left behind on some clothes after a spin in the dryer. To deal with this pesky problem, many people use a lint roller, which quickly and effectively removes lint from clothes. But there are actually other uses for a lint roller that residents can try around their apartments. A lint roller can be used to:

  • Remove hair and dust from furniture such as sofas, loveseats, arm chairs, and bedspreads

  • Remove dust from lamp shades; in fact, you may not even need to remove the lamp shade to do this, but make sure the bulb has been off for a bit so that the shade has had time to cool down

  • Clean dust off of blinds and fan blades

  • Clean the inside of purses, gym bags, backpacks, etc.

Plus, for those who have a car, a lint roller can also be used to clean sand and dirt out of hard to reach crevices. Our residents also keep lint rollers of different sizes on hand at their apartments near The Villages, FL, so that they have the size that works best for any given task.
To learn more about the features in our PepperTree Apartment Homes or about becoming a resident here, contact us today or come to our leasing office for a tour.