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Apartment Moving Etiquette & Tips

Summer is prime moving time for apartment dwellers! As you gear up for moving day, one of the best things that you can do in addition to packing is reviewing apartment moving etiquette. Not only will these tips and tricks help you make, not break, friendships within your new community, but they will also support a streamlined moving experience that will help you and your moving buddies stay calm.
Here are some moving etiquette tips that we strongly encourage:

Don’t Block Busy Walkways

Apartment moving 101: Keep the road, hallway, stairs, and elevators clear. There is no need to hog a spot in the middle of the road on move-in day; it’ll cause more distress than necessary. The same goes for heavy traffic areas around your apartment. Not only is it annoying for neighbors that are trying to come and go, but it can also be dangerous!

Move in the Daytime

Guess what? Moving is a noisy process, especially if you are moving into an apartment on the top level of the complex. For this reason alone, try to time your move during daylight hours and stick to reasonable times. You should also try to stick to reasonable hours of the day when unpacking, to be considerate of the potential noise. 

Try to Make Your Rounds & Meet Neighbors

Schedule a little time after or before your move to meet with and greet your new neighbors. There’s no need for housewarming gifts, simply saying hello is a great way to start your community adventures on the right foot. If you decide to make your rounds before the move, try offering a heads up to your move-in date as a courtesy.

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