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Learn About the Different Types of Onions

When cooking in the well-appointed kitchen of your PepperTree apartment home, you’re likely to discover that many recipes call for onions. With the wide variety of onions available at the grocery store, you might wonder what the difference between them is.
The onions you should know include:

  • Yellow onion – This is the most commonly used and versatile onion thanks to their strong yet not-overwhelming flavor; if your recipe doesn’t specify a type of onion, then you are probably safe using a yellow onion.

  • Sweet onion – You may see this onion labeled as a “Vidalia onion” at the store. These onions look very similar to yellow onions, but, as the name implies, have a sweeter flavor. These onions are excellent in salads, or caramelized and added to mashed potatoes.

  • White onion – These onions have a more white appearance than yellow onions, and are a bit milder in flavor. If you want an onion that can be eaten raw, for example on a sandwich, these are a good option.

  • Red onion – These onions appear anywhere from a dark red to a deep purple color, and they have a much bolder taste even when cooked. They are best in dishes that have other bold flavors, such as tacos, pizzas, and burgers.

  • Green onion – Also known as scallions, these onions are long and green with white bottoms (do not confuse these with chives, which look similar but have a bulb at the bottom and are actually in the same family as garlic). Green onions are used more like an herb, typically chopped thinly and added to dips or used as a finishing garnish, and are also a staple in stir-fry recipes.

Now that you know about the different types of onions, you will know which onions will taste best in the dish you are creating in your PepperTree apartment by The Villages, FL.

If you are not yet a resident of PepperTree Apartment Homes and are interested in becoming one, contact us today or come by the leasing office for a guided tour.