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Tips on Healing From Pink Eye

Pink eye is the more common name of the condition known as conjunctivitis. It is an infection of the membrane that coats the eyelid, and is usually caused by a bacteria or virus, but can also be caused by an allergic reaction. Symptoms of pink eye include a red and swollen eye, itching and irritation of the eye, and tearing. It is usually not a serious condition, however it is highly contagious so precautions should be taken to treat the infection as soon as possible and to limit contact with others. With proper treatment, pink eye should clear up between three to 10 days.

Those suffering from pink eye should:

  • Make an appointment with a doctor or visit a walk-in clinic as soon as possible so that the pink eye can be properly diagnosed and antibiotic eye drops can be prescribed, if necessary.

  • Stop wearing contact lenses, as this can further irritate the eye. Plus, the contact lens and contact case would need to be disposed of to prevent infection again in the future.

  • Not wear eye makeup, because this can also cause more irritation and cause the infection to take longer to heal.

  • Use a cool compress to relieve swelling and redness.

PepperTree apartments near The Villages, FL can be a relaxing place to recover from conditions such as pink eye. With professionally chosen color schemes in calming tones, deep pile carpeting, and nine-foot ceilings, our apartments provide a luxurious environment for our residents.

For more information on our apartment features or the amenities of the PepperTree Apartment Homes community, contact us today.