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How Using a Sleep Sound Machine Can Help Residents Sleep in Our Apartments by The Villages, FL

The PepperTree Apartment Homes are luxurious and relaxing, with spacious bedrooms that are great for getting a good night’s rest. However, even in the most comfortable of environments, some people find they still have trouble falling asleep. One technique for falling asleep and staying asleep is the use of a sound machine.

When it is completely quiet in the bedroom, light sleepers or those with difficulty falling asleep might find that they are distracted by every little noise. For instance, when common noises occur (such as the air conditioning turning on, or the icemaker in the fridge refilling), they can stick out and be distracting to someone who is trying to focus on falling asleep. It turns out that it is not the noise itself that wakes people up or keeps them from falling asleep, but the change in the ambient noises around them.

A machine that creates “white noise” is the most beneficial for blocking out these sounds for troubled sleepers. White noise is a broad, constant humming noise, similar to that of a fan turned on high. Because white noise comes out across every frequency that humans are capable of hearing, it completely blocks out the sporadic and unpredictable noises that can cause distractions while sleeping. In fact, in a 2008 Consumers Reports survey, it was determined that sound machines are almost as effective as medication in helping troubled sleepers fall and stay asleep. Some sound machines let people choose between white noise or another soothing sound like ocean waves or crickets chirping. It simply depends on the individual which type of noise one finds most beneficial for sleeping.

So for those who live in our apartments by The Villages, FL, that are light sleepers, you might find that the addition of a sound machine helps you to fall and stay asleep. To learn more about our apartments and the amenities we offer, contact us today.