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How to Properly Set a Table for a Party

When residents of our community have people over to their apartment homes for a luncheon or dinner party, they typically like to make the place look as elegant and well decorated as possible. One way to help accomplish this is to have a nicely and properly set table.

Steps to setting the table include:

  • Put a placemat in front of each seat.

  • Place a plate at the center of each placemat.

  • Knives and spoons go on the right side of the plates, with the knife closest to the plate and the blade facing the plate. An easy way to remember this is that “knife,” “spoon,” and “right” all have five letters.

  • Forks go on the left side of the plate, with smaller salad forks being placed outside the larger dinner forks. Similarly, “fork” and “left” both have four letters.

  • Folded napkins are placed to the left of the forks.

  • Glassware is placed to the upper right of the plates, above the knives and spoons. The larger water glasses should be closer to the plates, with smaller wine or other type of drink glasses to the right.

  • If you will be serving bread, you can place small bread dishes with spreading knives above the forks, to the left of the dinner plate.

  • Place a centerpiece or multiple centerpieces in the middle of the table. Centerpieces can be virtually anything you like and do not need to be expensive. For example, fill a vase with sand and seashells for a seafood lunch, or place three small vases with beautiful roses down the middle of the table for a formal dinner.

Following these tips, residents can easily impress guests to their PepperTree apartments near The Villages, FL, with a properly set table.

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