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Tidying up Your Apartment near The Villages, FL, in 15 Minutes or Less

While you more than likely clean your apartment on a regular basis, sometimes, guests might drop by at a moment’s notice before you’ve been able to clear up the clutter. That’s why it’s good to have a quick, 15-minute tidy-up routine, so you can easily spruce up your apartment to have a clean, welcoming space for your guests to enjoy.

To tidy up your apartment near The Villages, Florida, in 15 minutes or less, consider:

• Focusing on common areas where your guests will be congregating – This isn’t the time to do a deep clean of every room in your apartment. Instead, focus on the main areas where your guests will be, such as your living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

• Clear the clutter – Take a bag with you as you clear the clutter away from all the surfaces. Remove the mail from the coffee table, the newspaper from the dining room table, and any other random objects that found their way into your common areas. Store the bag in a closet, but just remember to retrieve it after your guests leave and put away the items in their proper places.

• Wipe down surfaces – Perform a quick wipe-down of all the surfaces (focus especially on the bathroom) with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes.

• Spray air freshener – Finally, take the time to go through each room and spray air freshener throughout to enhance the smell of your apartment.

Additionally, if you have time after you complete the above steps, you could also run the vacuum through your space and/or sweep the kitchen and bathroom to get a deeper clean before your guests arrive.

At PepperTree Apartment Homes, our apartments come in professionally designed color schemes in beige, taupe, and gray, with that specific color reflected throughout the home to offer luxury and sophistication to your space. To learn more, contact us today or stop by our leasing office to take a tour of our community.