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Apartment Utilities: What Apartment Life Costs

Good morning, class! Today we’ll be going over the second most costly aspect of renting an apartment—utilities. Unless you are planning to embrace life off the grid, the cost of living can come as a shock to those new apartment dwellers who were expecting to pay close to $50 a month for all utilities. Sit back and relax as we coach you through what the cost of a realistic apartment life in the Wildwood, FL, area, is—starting with utilities.

What is Considered a Utility Expense?

Utilities typically include four costs: electricity, water, heat, and sewage. Some people also like to factor in their telephone and internet services into the total utility cost, establishing a set budget for all apartment needs. It’s easiest to consider utilities as a mixed cost since there is usually a fixed fee that varies based on the actual usage of the systems listed.

How Much Should You Budget for Utilities?

The answer to this question can be tricky to pinpoint, as there are many variables to consider when looking at the total cost of utilities; it’ll vary from situation to situation. To help you estimate this cost, first look to see if any utilities are included with rent. For example, some apartment complexes will include a bill for trash and recycling services. Next, consider how many people will be living in the apartment and how big your space is. If you are living alone in a 500 square foot apartment, your utilities are sure to be less expensive than a family of three living in a 1000 square foot apartment. In a one-bedroom/one-bathroom apartment that’s shared by two people, create a budget of roughly $300-400 for utilities including internet, cable, and renters insurance.
Establishing your budget—including estimated utility costs and rent—before searching for an apartment will help tremendously as you narrow down your options. If you are looking for a luxury, resort-like community in the Wildwood, FL, area, check out PepperTree Apartment Homes. These apartments are a cut above the rest, offering impressive amenities and contemporary rooms. To learn more about these apartments, contact us today!