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Caring for the Batteries of Your Portable Devices at Your Apartment in The Villages, FL

The lithium ion battery at the heart of most portable electronic devices is a durable and highly reusable device, capable of being recharged hundreds if not thousands of times. However, over time, even these modern marvels can wear out or fail. In order to prevent or delay this from occurring, there are several ways that you can care for the batteries in your cell phone, mp3 player, tablet, or other electronic device.

Damage to lithium ion batteries is incurred when the battery is overly drained or overcharged, which creates small particles inside the battery that cannot be broken down to create electricity. Over time, these inert particles build up, and will eventually act as an insulator, stopping electrical flow and ending the life of the battery. By understanding what causes the battery to fail, we can begin to surmise how best to prevent or delay it.

Here are some of the best ways to care for your batteries at your PepperTree apartment in The Villages, FL:

  • Never drain the battery completely. For best results, let your battery life fall in between 20-50% of maximum before recharging.

  • Similarly, once your battery is charged, pull the device off of the charger. While many electronic devices protect against overcharging, the heat from the electrical flow of the charger can still act as a catalyst for the damaging particles that destroy your battery’s life.

  • To combat the heat mentioned above, make sure to charge your device in an area that is at or below typical room temperature.

At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we hope that these tips can help you get the most out of your electronic devices at our wonderful apartment community. For more information about our available units or our community amenities, contact us today.