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Recycling Clothes in Your Apartment in Wildwood, FL

We’re all familiar with recycling glass, plastic, and paper, but what about all those old clothes that are just sitting in your closet? With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to recycle or reuse those gently worn garments and free up valuable closet space.

Below are a few ways to start sifting through your wardrobe in your apartment in Wildwood, FL:

  • Host a clothes-sharing party – Let’s face it: Sometimes we go shopping not because we really need new clothes, but because we’re just sick of our old clothes. So why not gather a few friends and do some trading? This is a great way to save money and make sure the clothes you seldom wear anymore find a good home.
  • Give to charity – There are thousands of great organizations out there that accept clothing donations to help the needy such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Use the Internet to find some worthy local charities right in your area.
  • Grab some scissors and fabric glue – Even if you don’t know how to sew, don’t think that you can’t make some great new creations out of your old clothes. Try making a yoga mat bag out of an old pair of sweatpants. Just cut off one leg of the sweatpants, use hemming glue to close both ends, then cut a lengthwise slit in the material, long enough for your rolled yoga mat to fit. Attach a pretty ribbon for a handle and voila! Arrive at your stretching class in style.

Clothes are definitely an expression of individuality, but tastes and styles evolve. By donating to charity, swapping with pals, or reconstructing old clothes, one person’s trash becomes another person’s treasure. In addition, you’ll want to use all the wonderful closet and storage space in your Wildwood apartment to the absolute fullest. For more information about PepperTree Apartments, floor plans, or current leasing specials, contact our office today.