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Cleaning Your Computer in Your Apartment in Wildwood, FL

Chances are you spend quite a bit of time organizing your computer by deleting unused programs, clearing temporary files, and sorting the documents on your desktop. However, how often do you actually clean your computer? Just as you would take your car for an oil change and a wash every few months, your computer also needs regular maintenance to continue working properly.

While many people might be intimidated by the idea of fiddling with the inner cogs of such a complex machine, the below tips will walk you through the computer cleaning process to make it easier:

  • First, unplug all components of your computer. If any cords are being powered by a surge protector, turn the surge protector off.

  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the side of your computer tower and remove the side panel. Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and debris out of all the crevices inside the computer. Never stick your fingers or a cloth inside of the tower.

  • Turn the keyboard upside down and shake it as gently as possible, letting crumbs, dust, and other particles fall out. Tap the back of the keyboard a few times before using compressed air to clean out the spaces around the keys.

  • Use a computer monitor cleaning solution to clean your screen. Spray the solution onto a lint-free cloth, never directly onto the screen.

  • A cotton ball lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol can be used to disinfect the mouse, keyboard, and outer coverings of the tower.

If you would like more helpful cleaning tips, please see our community articles page on this website. For more information about apartment features, community amenities, leasing specials, and floor plans, contact our main office today and get ready to redefine luxury living in your apartment in Wildwood, FL.