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Learning Cooking Terms in Your Apartment in Wildwood, FL

You don’t have to be Julia Childs to create some delicious dishes in your PepperTree apartment, but it will be important to learn a few basics before you embark on your first culinary journey. Luckily, any cookbook you buy will adhere to a standard set of cooking terms and abbreviations. And while “flambé” and “julienne” might be a little advanced for first-time chefs, there’s still a vast pool of basic culinary nomenclature that you can familiarize yourself with.

Some cooking terms that you might encounter when you’re following a recipe in your apartment in Wildwood, FL, include:

  • Baste – brushing or pouring liquid over foods as they cook so they stay moist.
  • Broil – cooking food at a very high oven temperature, always keeping the food directly over or under the heat source.
  • Fold in – gradually adding a new ingredient to a mixture, usually a lighter substance into a heavier one.
  • Poach – simmering something in hot liquid that is just below its boiling point, most commonly an egg in water.
  • Marinate – soaking a food (usually a protein) in liquid before cooking to increase its flavor. Marinades are usually made of oils and spices.
  • Sear – cooking something very quickly at very high heat. Proteins are often seared in a pan before being baked in the oven to lock in juices.

There’s no end to the wonderful dishes you can whip up as long as you know these simple terms. PepperTree Apartment Homes in Wildwood, FL, are especially great for budding chefs because of each apartment’s spacious pantry, glass-top stove, marble countertops, and much more. For more information on apartment features or community amenities, contact our leasing office today.