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Tips to Keep the Entryway of Your Wildwood Apartment Clutter Free

At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we take pride in our community. When all of our residents do their part, our neighborhood can remain clean, clutter-free, and beautiful. Think about what you, as a PepperTree resident, can do to beautify your entryway and community.

  • When you taking the trash out, take it all the way out and don’t leave it by your front door. Always drop your trash into one of our conveniently located Dumpsters.
  • If you have a broom handy, do a quick sweep once a week on your patio and outside your front door.
  • As you enter your Wildwood apartment and take off your shoes, create a designated space inside your home for a shoe drop off (instead of leaving shoes outside).
  • Keep front entryway and patio clear of boxes, toys, and shoes. Give these items a home inside your home and display plants on your back patio.

By keeping your front entryway clean and clutter free, you’ll surely do your part to keep our community beautiful. And, if you’re looking for a lovely apartment in the Wildwood, Fl area to call home, please contact our office staff or stop by for a tour. Then you can see for yourself how much pride we take in our community!