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Exfoliating in Your Apartment near The Villages

At all times of the day and night, skin cells on our bodies die as new ones form beneath them. And, for a short while, the dead skin cells cover up the fresh, vibrant cells until the dead cells are sloughed off. There is a process, though, that allows us to remove the dead skin cells from our bodies to reveal the fresh, soft, smooth layer of skin beneath. It’s called exfoliating, and it can easily be done from your spacious Wildwood apartment bathroom when you choose to live at PepperTree.

To exfoliate the skin cells on your face in your apartment, just follow these steps:

  • Start by washing your face with water and a facial cleanser to remove oil, dirt, and any makeup that may be present.
  • Apply an exfoliating scrub to your face, then rub it gently into your skin in small, circular motions, keeping it away from your eyes at all times.
  • After the exfoliating scrub has been rubbed into your skin, wash it away with lukewarm water.
  • Dry your face by using a hand towel, and then apply a light layer of moisturizer to prevent your facing from getting too dry
Exfoliating with scrubs once or twice a week is best to help keep your skin silky smooth and free of any dead skin cells. If you’re looking for an alternative to soap and water, there are gentle chemicals that can help exfoliate your skin such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). AHA is available in lotions or in pads that can be wiped on your face daily. For additional information and details about renting an apartment near The Villages at PepperTree, please give us a call or stop by our leasing office today.