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Making Personalized Holiday Cards in Your Wildwood Apartment

Holiday cards are a great way to update your friends and family about what you’ve been up to during the past year. Instead of buying a pack of greeting cards and signing your name to them, why not create some homemade holiday cards that really convey your feelings? People will love knowing that you put time and effort into your correspondence with them.

Any local craft store will have a variety of decorative supplies for you to create your own holiday cards. Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Buy a pack of colored 8x11 paper that has a festive border. Use some metallic pens or stickers to further personalize the paper. Type a letter detailing all the events of the past year and print it on your personalized paper. Rubber stamps and embossing powder are also great ways to add pizzazz to printing paper.
  • Find objects that represent some of the things you’d like to tell your friends and family about. This can make your greeting card a three-dimensional, scrapbook feeling. For instance, if you took a trip to the beach this past year, you could glue a seashell to the outside of your card. If you’ve taken up knitting, decorate the card with a few pieces of pretty yarn.
  • Consider eco-friendly recycled cards. Spend a few weeks gathering a stack of colorful junk mail. This could include magazines, department store fliers, or grocery circulars. When you have a good stockpile, shred the paper and soak it in water for several hours. Put the soaked strips of paper in a blender and chop until you have pulp. Mix the pulp with some corn starch and roll out flat into thin sheets. You can even roll some decorations into the wet paper like dried flowers, autumn leaves, or flower seeds.

You can find more fun ideas for activities to do inside your Wildwood apartment by visiting our community articles page. For information about community amenities, features of PepperTree Apartment Homes, or current leasing specials, call our main office today.