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Hot Water Tips at Your Apartment Near The Villages

Every year around the nation, thousands of people are burned or experience injuries because of hot water. While statistically the chances of being burned by hot water are small, you should always be alert when using hot water, and to know what steps to take either to prevent a burn or to take action if an accident does occur.

Here are a few general hot water guidelines that you can put to good use at your PepperTree apartment:

• Set the maximum temperature of your water heater to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This will dramatically reduce the chances of severe burns when using the faucet, bath, or shower.

• If you’re cooking with boiling water, keep any children or pets away from the stove area.

• Similarly, avoid carrying children or small animals if you have a hot beverage in your hand.

• Remember to test the water carefully before entering a shower or bath.

• If a minor accident does occur, treat the affected area by running it under cold water for several minutes. Do not put lotion, ice, or butter on the burn, as these can make it more painful, and in the case of butter, may pose an infection risk as well.

• If a serious accident or burn does occur, please seek medical attention immediately.

While no list of preparations is totally foolproof, following these tips at your PepperTree apartment near the Villages can help you to avoid hot water accidents or act decisively if they do occur.

For information about our available apartment units, or if you need help adjusting your water heater’s settings, please contact our leasing office at PepperTree Apartment Homes today.