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Learn About Jazz in Our Wildwood, Florida Apartments

You know that music that makes you just want to tap your feet, or even get up and dance? That kind of music is jazz, and its origins date back to a time before anyone now living was ever born. Learning about jazz music and listening to a few songs can be an interesting and entertaining way to spend your time in our Wildwood, Florida apartments.

Take pleasure in learning these quick facts about jazz:

  • Jazz is a collection of musical styles, including African, Caribbean, and European influences
  • Jazz music is largely based on improvisation, and the leader of the band usually decides how long certain songs will last and when they will end
  • There are many different styles of jazz, such as Dixieland, ragtime, cool jazz, and bebop
  • The three most historically influential cities for jazz in the United States are New Orleans, Chicago, and Kansas City
  • Some of the most renowned jazz musicians include Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Duke Ellington

Learning about jazz and its history is just one of many ways you can enjoy your free time at PepperTree Apartment Homes. You can also explore the many amenities throughout the community. If you are interested in calling our apartment community home, please give our leasing office a call or stop by today. We would love to give you a tour.