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Choosing Between a Mac or PC for Your Apartment in The Villages, FL

The age old battle of choosing a between a Mac and a PC has gone on since the inception of personal computers, and the rivalry has even been the topic of advertisements and Internet jokes. While there is no truly right answer, here are a few considerations to help you pick the best computer for you:

  • Price – Since Apple is the sole producer of the Macintosh computer, Macs tend to be more expensive than PCs of similar performance and size, due in part to the fact that the PC market is highly competitive, with several dozen major manufacturers all vying for your business. However, there may be many discounts or other deals that will allow you to buy PCs and Macs at lower prices than they are normally found, so remember to do your research before accepting a higher-priced computer.

  • Programs – Both PCs and Macs have widely different suites of programs, with some obviously overlapping between the two. The Adobe suite, Microsoft Office, and other major programs all have versions for both Mac and PC, but there may be certain programs that are exclusive to the operating systems of each. In general, PCs have more games and non-commercial programs, but Macs have more high-end photo, video, and audio editors available.

  • Versatility – Macs and PCs each have advantages that make them versatile in different ways. Macs make it very easy to install and remove programs, and tend to be almost virus-proof. PC program registries, on the other hand, can get muddied with cookies and temporary files over time, and they require a good antivirus program to keep them virus-free, but they also have several advantages of their own. PCs can install more operating systems, including several at once, such as Ubuntu, Chrome OS, Unix, and of course Windows. PCs also have a hardware advantage in that they can be upgraded by almost any electronics store or even by you, whereas the integral hardware of Macs has to be modified by an authorized Apple technician.

Using these guidelines, you will hopefully be able to make a more informed decision when selecting a computer for your apartment in the Villages, FL. For additional information about PepperTree Apartment Homes, contact us through this website or by calling our front office today.