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Giving Yourself a French Manicure in Your Wildwood Apartment

French manicures are thought to have originated in Paris in the 1800s, but rose in popularity in the 1920s and 30s. They are meant to imitate the colors of a natural nail and, at first, a French manicure didn’t even include any type of nail polish – an extremely clean and well-groomed nail was naturally pink at the base and white at the upper nail.

The classic style of a French manicure is still extremely popular today and nearly every nail salon offers it. There are also lots of easy, at-home French manicure kits that aren’t hard to master if you have a little patience. Below are some tips:

  • Start by removing any old nail polish that you have on your nails. Then scrub your nails, file them down to the shape you like, and trim back the cuticles.
  • Once your nails are clean, apply a base coat of clear polish.
  • If you buy an at-home manicure kit, it will likely come with stick-on nail tip guides. Attach this to the base of your nail plate, right where your fingertip ends. Use it as a stencil to apply white nail polish to the tip of your fingernail.
  • When the white polish is dry, peel of the nail tip guides before painting the entire nail with a natural-looking shade of pink or beige nail polish.
  • Once your nude-colored nail polish has dried, apply a clear top coat to prevent your beautiful French manicure from chipping.

Giving yourself a French manicure is just one of many relaxing activities that you can do in your spacious, luxurious Wildwood apartment at PepperTree. For more information about apartment amenities, floor plans, leasing specials, or the PepperTree community, contact our main office today.