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Taking a Nap in Your The Villages Apartment

There’s nothing quite like taking an afternoon nap when you’re tired. The comfy environment of our The Villages apartment community and relaxing apartments make for the perfect place to spend a few hours snoozing in the afternoon. And, there are a few things our residents can do before taking a nap to ensure that the nap is a good one.

Before taking a nap in you Wildwood apartment, be sure to:

  • Set your thermostat to somewhere between 68 and 73 degrees – it is healthiest to sleep in a cool, comfortable temperature.
  • Close blinds to block out outside light and relax.
  • Turn off any electronic devices that may have distracting noises or lights.
  • Set an alarm clock to wake you up in either less than 45 minutes or more than 90 minutes – sleeping between 45 and 90 minutes can actually make you groggy and more tired than you were before your nap.

Just try not to take your afternoon nap too close to the time you plan on going to sleep that evening, as it may be difficult to fall asleep again for a few hours. For additional information and details about The Villages apartment community at PepperTree and our comfortable apartments, please give us a call or stop by our leasing office today.