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Using a Neti Pot to Fight Congestion at Your Apartment Near The Villages

If you have a cold or suffer from seasonal allergies, waking up with a stuffy or runny nose is probably something you have to deal with on a regular basis. Even if you blow your nose, sometimes those annoying clogged sinuses come right back, and you may have little recourse but to go about your day breathing through your mouth until your congestion resolves itself. Fortunately, using a neti pot may be just the solution you need to relieve your congestion woes.

A nasal irrigation device that dates back to ancient India, neti pots are used to clean out one’s sinuses by rinsing them with sterilized water. Neti pots are available for purchase at supermarkets, pharmacies, and general stores, so finding one shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Once you’ve acquired your neti pot, just follow these simple steps at your PepperTree apartment near The Villages to help your nasal congestion go away:

• Sterilize water, either by boiling it for about five minutes and then letting it cool to room temperature, or by using a saline solution. Saline solutions can be purchased at drug stores and pharmacies along with the pot itself, or you can make your own at home. If you do choose to make your solution at home, use sea salt and not industrial or table salt, as the latter two have chemical additives that can make them less effective at sterilization.

• Once you have sterilized water, fill the neti pot and stand over a sink. Pour the water into one nostril and allow it to drain out to the other. To do this, simply breathe through your mouth and tilt your head slightly to the side. This will help to alleviate your sinus congestion and prevent it from returning in short order.

• A final note – even though using a neti pot might seem harmless enough, consult your physician before beginning a regular neti pot regimen, especially if you suffer from chronic sinus problems or have other nasal conditions like a deviated septum.

With any luck, this ancient home remedy will have you breathing easier in no time. After you’re done using your neti pot, you can enjoy your cleared sinuses at your spacious PepperTree apartment home, complete with a full-sized kitchen and washer-dryer hookups.

For information about our available units, or about our many world-class community amenities, contact our leasing office at PepperTree Apartment Homes today.