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Choosing the Best Next Generation Console for Your Apartment in The Villages, FL

With the new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One systems hitting stores this year, console gamers around the nation are weighing their options on which system they should purchase. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 grabbed the early lead with a strong showing at 2013’s E3 Convention, a closer analysis reveals that the two systems are really incredibly similar. Most of the advantage that the PS4 garnered in the beginning was due to the fact that the Xbox One needed an online connection to function. Additionally, Xbox One games had to be registered and downloaded, preventing sharing with friends and family, and severely limiting used game sales. Both of these controversial requirements were never present in the PS4, but due to customer demand, Microsoft has since removed them from the Xbox One.

A closer look at the basic specifications of the competing consoles reveals that they are, in fact, quite similar. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 have Blu-ray/DVD players, 8GB of RAM, 500 GB of hard drive storage, USB support, no backward compatibility, and no used game fees or mandatory connections. Even their virtually photorealistic graphics are quite similar. Instead of comparing specifications, determining which console is best for your apartment in The Villages, FL, will likely rest on one of two factors:

  • Price – At $399.99, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is $100 less expensive than Microsoft’s $499.99 Xbox One. The reason for this notable price discrepancy in such evenly matched systems is that Microsoft’s Xbox One bundle comes with an integrated Kinect motion sensor. This built-in sensor allows for movement-based controls within games, as well as additional voice-recognition functionality that can allow you to control your entire console with just your voice. Gamers will have to decide whether this added feature is enough to justify the more expensive price tag.

  • Exclusive Games – Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One carry many of the most popular games available, but the strength of their exclusive offerings will help many die-hard fans decide which is better for them. Gamers that want to play the latest offering of the Halo franchise, Forza Motorsport, Titanfall, or any other Microsoft exclusives will gravitate toward the Xbox One, while fans of Killzone, Infamous, or DriveClub will want to purchase the PS4.

No matter which console you choose for your apartment, remember to respect your neighbors by keeping the volume down to a polite level once you start enjoying your new gaming experience. If you’re not a resident of our luxurious community located near The Villages and want to know more about our apartment homes, please call or visit our leasing office today.