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Listening to Podcasts in Your Wildwood Apartment

The invention of Apple’s iPod changed the world, and made music and video storage and retrieval easier than ever. It has even helped to generate a new term: podcast. Podcasts have been talked about for several years now, but what exactly is a podcast? Well, it is no more than a broadcast that is recorded and can be stored and played back digitally. Podcasts have become increasingly popular and are widely used to inform people on-the-go of news, current events, and other interesting topics. And though you can take your podcasts with you wherever you go, there’s no better place to listen to them than from right here in our Wildwood apartment community at PepperTree.

Here’s how to listen to podcasts from your Wildwood apartment:

  • Log on to your favorite websites and search for podcasts. Nowadays, many podcasts have accompanying video, and are referred to as vidcasts. You can also search for podcasts on iTunes and download them right from your Wildwood apartment.

  • When you find the podcasts on your website of choice, you can either listen to them without downloading or choose to download them instead.

  • If you choose to download a podcast or vidcast from a website, save the file in iTunes or another music-storage program on your computer. This will allow you to transfer the podcasts and vidcasts to an iPod or another handheld mp3 player, and allow you to take your podcasts and vidcasts with you.

When you find podcasts and vidcasts that you like, you can choose to subscribe to them and have broadcasts automatically sent to you when new ones become available. For more information about living at our Wildwood apartment community, please give us a call or stop by our leasing office today for a personal tour of the community. We’d love to show you around and point out all of our fabulous amenities.