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Store and Organize Your Personal Records in Your Apartment in Wildwood, FL

Keeping your personal records in one dependable location should be a top priority in your home. Knowing where your most important records are so that you can access them in a moment’s notice will provide you with a great peace of mind!

To start, designate a cool, secluded area of your apartment in Wildwood, FL for your personal information. A few good places include:

  • A locked desk drawer
  • A locking file cabinet in your home office
  • A safe in your bedroom closet

You may want to include the following in your locked personal files:

  • Financial records, including current bank statements, credit card statements, IRAs, and saving bonds
  • Medical records
  • School records, including transcripts
  • Birth certificates
  • Passports
  • Social security cards
  • Home, auto, renters, and health insurance information

Finally, it is important to invest in a locking file cabinet, box, or safe to hold this personal information. Having a locked box will help protect items from being damaged or misplaced.