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The Virtues of Using Coasters at Your PepperTree Apartment Near The Villages

Anyone who has ever had an ice cold drink is familiar with the ring of water that forms at the bottom rim of the glass after it sits on a hard surface for a while. This phenomenon is formed by condensation on the outside of the glass gradually falling and pooling at the bottom, which on surfaces like wood can lead to warping, stains, and eventually more serious damage, such as wood rot. The easiest way to counteract this damaging occurrence is by using a coaster, which is usually made of cork, cardboard, or another protective material that acts as a buffer between the liquid from your glass and the surface it’s resting on. At PepperTree Apartment Homes, we encourage all our residents to use coasters to help protect the surfaces in their apartments.

Using a coaster in your apartment near The Villages has a number of benefits, including:

• Acting as a protective covering for all types of surfaces, especially wood and leather

• Stabilizing your drink wherever it is located

• Adding a decorative or personalized accent – most coasters are available with logos or other decorations that reflect your personal tastes

• Helping you reserve a spot to place your beverage in the company of friends

Now that you’re fully aware of the many virtues of using coasters at your PepperTree apartment, you can utilize them to enjoy a refreshing beverage without having to worry about the condensation on your glass.

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