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The Benefits of a Portable Vacuum for Your Wildwood Apartment

A vacuum cleaner is a great appliance to have on hand so that you can keep your floors spic and span. You can even get vacuum cleaners with adjustable settings for carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. But regular sized vacuums can be large and bulky – for a small clean up you may not want to haul it out of the closet. That’s why portable vacuum cleaners are such handy gadgets to keep on hand.

The benefits of having one or more portable vacuum cleaners in your Wildwood apartment are:

  • Many portable vacuums have charging docks, so all you need to do is keep them plugged into an outlet when they aren’t in use; then, you’ve got full cordless capabilities and can take the vacuum all over your apartment and never worry about outlets or tripping over a cord.  
  • Lots of portable vacuum models are collapsible, which means they can easily be stored in a corner or under a bed. Keep one in every room and you’ll never even notice that they’re there – until, of course, you have a dry spill that needs a quick clean up!
  • Handheld vacuums are great for hard to reach areas like under desks and behind chairs. Many even come with attachments that allow you to clean blinds, drapes, and lampshades.
  • Want a portable vacuum with a few extra features? You can find models with a steam cleaning component, which is perfect for upholstery and ceramic tile floors.

If you would like more information about cleaning tips while living in the PepperTree community, please feel free to browse our full list of community articles on this website. You can also contact our leasing office to schedule a tour and get more information about floor plans.