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Three Children’s Movies that Adults Will Enjoy

Just because a film is considered to be a children’s movie doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy it. Since adults usually accompany children to watch a movie, more and more movie companies are realizing the importance in catering to a more mature audience while still focusing on keeping children entertained.

So, whether someone is accompanying a young relative to the movies or simply wants a creative and fun animated film to enjoy, here are three children’s movie’s to check out:

  • The Iron Giant – Taking place during the Cold War, this film tells the story of a friendship between a young boy and a giant alien robot that crashes near his home. This movie explores themes of kindness and empathy, especially for those who may be considered outsiders. The film also focuses on the ability to choose the type of person – or robot – you want to be.
  • Shrek – This film shakes up the traditional fairytale story and has the princess fall for an unconventional character instead of the prince she’s supposed to marry – causing hilarity to ensue, all while expressing the importance of personality over physical beauty. 
  • The Lion King – One of Disney’s most beloved films, The Lion King is based on William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” In spite of some dramatic and somber scenes, it has plenty of upbeat songs, comedic relief, and incredible visuals.

You’ll be able to watch any of these films from the comfort of our apartments next to The Villages, FL if you decide to become a resident here. To learn about our community, contact our office today.